New Website, 2019 in Review and 2020 Goals

Published on 2020-01-20

I’ve talked about it for a long time. I actually have lost count of how many people I’ve told that I was finally going to get a website out there and get some content on it. I have a lot of plans for this site. I wouldn’t be surprised if I remake it several times before I’m truly happy with it. It’s going to be a great excuse to learn. I do have some main goals for building the site.


It is my experience that having someplace where I can reflect on what I’ve learned is valuable. Sure, I could journal these things or place them in an app like Evernote and let it sit there for whenever I need it. However, I believe it is even more valuable to allow other people to see the things I have learned and question them. We can both learn then.

Sharing Slides and Conference Notes

I’ve have been speaking at meetups and conferences for a couple years now. Having a central place where I can send people will make things much, much easier. I plan on adding a speaking section to the site with notes, repos, references, and slides related to any talks I give.


I have a lot of goals (more on that later), and having a place to put them to remind myself will help keep me on track with what I want to achieve and accomplish.

2019 in Review

This was a crazy year for me. A lot of great things happened. I had quite a few goals and I hit almost all of them:

• Spoke at MilwaukeeJS on Angular State Management and MKE Code Camp on Mastering your Work



• Spoke at Cream City Code for the second year in a row, this time on Scalable Angular Best Practices


• Discovered a huge love for pinball

I went to the Midwest Gaming Classic for the first time in 2018, and again this year. They have an incredible number of pinball machines and I’ve definitely become hooked. I play at least once a week now and have actually managed to hold a couple Grand Champion scores on a few machines locally.

• Lost 20 pounds (255 to 235)

This happened much later in the year. A few days after Thanksgiving was over, I weighed myself and saw that I was a whopping 255 pounds. I was not okay with this. With a combination of a Keto-ish diet and intermittent fasting, I was able to shed 20 pounds in about a months time. I took a break from fasting during my recent vacation to Disney World and was surprised that I only came up a pound. I’ll get back to it until I reach a weight I’m good with.

• Was able to stabilize work and personal life

In 2018 I went extremely hard as soon as I started at Centare. I had just graduated from MSOE and I felt as if I was behind everyone else. Anyone my age had been in the industry for 10 years. I knew I had just graduated, but I still felt like I didn’t quite belong and needed to step up my game. I worked extremely hard to make an impact and the work did pay off, but I had told myself several times that after that first year, I’d scale back and start working on non-work passions. I’m glad to say that I’ve found some of a balance, but I’ll go over that more for next year.

2020 is Here: Let's Go!

2020 has arrived. I normally don’t make new years resolutions, but I have been noticing that making lofty goals has been extremely helpful for me. It helps me to focus and also helps push me to do things I normally wouldn’t do. What do I want to accomplish in 2020?

• Finish up my website

As of this writing, there is a tremendous amount that I need to do with my website. A few things I plan on getting done before the end of the month:

  • Add a speaking section
  • Fix several bugs
  • Update, Redo and Consolidate theming
    • I tried several different ways to style components and now I need to consolidate everything
  • Determine exactly how I want to use the site
    • I know I want it/need it, but my strategy needs to be filled out
  • Open the repo up publicly
    • Once I’m done just messing around and have something consistent, I want to open it up so others can learn

I know the site is going to be in a constant state of Work In Progress, but I’m okay with that.

• Blog roughly once a week


• Play more videogames

I do need to spend some more time on my passions outside of work. I used to play a few games competitively including Chess, Poker, Magic: The Gathering, League of Legends, etc. A few of them I’ve made money or careers out of. I few of them I got incredibly close. I’d like to connect more with them.

• Keep a balance between work and family, friends and my introverted time

I want to make sure that I don’t go ham on anything too much this next year and keep a good balance between spending time with family, friends and finding me time. Generally most of my weeks are full. I did not take a single hour of PTO in 2018 until December 3rd. I’m on vacation now until January 20th. That’s not healthy, but I found my balance later in the year. I want to keep this balance and continue with it moving forward. I need time ot relax and chill by myself in order to recharge. I do not want to burn out like I did with my previous profession.

• Organize some fantastic events

I used to coordinate large events on a regular basis for my job. I miss every part of doing that and am working on putting a couple things together for 2020. Stay tuned because they are going to be big!

All in All

This past year (2019) was a great year. 2020, I believe will be even better. I know there is a lot I want to do, but I know with focus I can keep it all together and accomplish the goals I want to set forth.

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